Soulful Poems

Soulful Poems Author: Tony Petrossian
Publisher: Author House
Relase: 2010-03-11
ISBN: 9781449073954
Summary: Basically the Book is in two parts, (Part one) about author, notes and sympathetic letters from dignitaries and others for him. (Part two) his poetry and writings....

Mistakes in the Background

Mistakes in the Background Author: Laura Dockrill
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
Relase: 2011-10-04
ISBN: 9780007445448
Summary: Feast your eyes on a treasury of words and illustrations from one of the most exciting young talents around, recently voted by The Times as one of the top ten literary talents of 2008....


Fortress Author: M. J. MCNELIS
Publisher: Author House
Relase: 2006-10-27
ISBN: 1467802581
Summary: This book is comprised of M. J. McNelis' poems on love, lies, family, war, relationships, lose and experiences. This can be felt through the mystical, romantic energy and depth of the words. Fortress presents an unconventional way of speaking to readers. The authors perspective allows the individual to share expressions that effect perplexing emtions in his life. The Fortress of the mind locks away thoughts until the body releases the appropriate feelings....

Prestige Poetry

Prestige Poetry Author: Kristyn Waddell
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Relase: 2010-07-28
ISBN: 9781426930744
Summary: Prestige Poetry is about everyday life experiences. It is designed to be a guide to understanding the world’s difficulties, and to provide encouragement to all who read it. Prestige is a collection of poetry that focuses on the understanding that true happiness is not based just on prominence, possesions, or power, but on relationships with people you love and respect. Poem Queen It begins like this, young child called Queen cherishes God’s blessings the world couldn’t see, shining her inheritance from above heavens deep love, mama hold me tight someone’s going through a lot tonight! "...

The Odyssey

The Odyssey Author: Homer
Publisher: Aegitas
Relase: 2017-04-20
ISBN: 9781773137933
Summary: The Odyssey is one of two major ancient Greek epic poems attributed to Homer. It is, in part, a sequel to the Iliad, the other work ascribed to Homer. The Odyssey is fundamental to the modern Western canon, and is the second-oldest extant work of Western literature; the Iliad is the oldest. Scholars believe the Odyssey was composed near the end of the 8th century BC, somewhere in Ionia, the Greek coastal region of Anatolia....

Web of Spindled Time

Web of Spindled Time Author: Tom Henderson
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Relase: 2011-05-11
ISBN: 9781456751074
Summary: WEB OF SPINDLED TIME A Poetic Point of View A...spiritual journey unspooled in free verse, short prose and original artwork...the image of spindled time perfectly captures the experience of encountering Hendersons cosmic tome...This rhythmic alternation of inward and outward focus is one of Hendersons persistent themes, introduced in the prologueLooking outward, at my world, / I observed the constant changes around me, / Peering inward, I analyzed / My own shifting feelingsand revisited frequently, most memorably in several examples of concrete poetry...Elsewhere, various narrators on numerous...

Let the Power Surge

 Let the Power Surge Author: Yolanda C. Stevenson
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Relase: 2012-03-21
ISBN: 9781468551372
Summary: Yolanda Stevenson is one of the premiere poets in the San Francisco Bay area. Using a seductive voice quality, song, and interpretive dance she has been hailed as a powerful and inspirational performance artist. Born in Oakland, California, Yolanda has always been involved in the arts. A natural performer, Yolanda also graced many stages with her poetry, acting, and dancing talents. As a young adult Ms. Stevenson performed with Move Dance Theater, Imhotep Dance Ensemble and The Pamm Drake Dancers. As a poetess she performed with The Punany Poets, Dwayne Wiggins of Tony Toni Tone, Secrecy and C...

A Life of Mystery

A Life of Mystery Author: Daaood William Mayfield
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Relase: 2009-05-19
ISBN: 9781462816040
Summary: A Life of Mystery is a diversified collection of 30 poems by Daaood William Mayfield. From poems about the many mysteries encountered in life, such as dreams, deja vu and destiny, to poems about the seasons, holidays, children, animals and much more. If you are a lover of poems, there is sure to be a topic that you can relate to, covered in this book. Quotes by the most famous and well-respected men and women throughout history are offered as support to many of the poems in this book. To view more poems from this book, go to Type in, "A Life of Mystery",in the "search people" ...