READ MORE:  Liberal MP Rob Oliphant announces bill to prevent genetic discrimination The result, depending on what side you’re listening to, is either genetic discrimination or just part of a good-faith agreement where neither side is hiding anything. A bill winding its way through Parliament would ban insurance companies from requiring customers to disclose the results of genetic tests. “I felt that nothing is more private than your own genetic makeup,” explains Sen. James Cowan, who sponsored the bill. “Under our laws, at the present time, if you’re an insurer, and I want to be insured by you, then you are entitled to ask me whether I’ve ever taken a genetic test of any kind, and if so to disclose it. If you say no, and then they find out that you have, then they could argue that you lied, and then the policy is void.” “We’re concerned that people who know they are going to be at higher risk of getting a particular condition seek out insurance, and actually seek out larger policies than they otherwise would have,” says Stephen Frank of the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association. “Individuals who test negative would potentially seek less coverage than they would have, and the pooling aspect of insurance starts to get undermined.” If Cowan’s bill passes, Frank predicts that premiums will rise, making insurance less affordable. The bill passed third reading in the Senate in April, and went through first reading in the House of Commons in May. Parliament returns from summer break in late September, after which the bill has a chance of becoming law.

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