I get back as much as I give during these experiences.” Kelly Adams, director of operations at Arbella, added, “I had never volunteered at Father Bill’s before the Foundation opportunity, and I was humbled by the humanity of the people who work there and their unwavering commitment to help. It’s amazing to me that, just by offering our help in many little ways, we participate in the journey of saving a life.” In these uncertain economic times, local children have also been affected by rising rates of poverty and homelessness. Their needs are especially pressing, as they often lack the resources necessary to have happy and successful lives in school and at home, which can hinder their future development. From cultural activities to school supplies, the Foundation sponsors several programs that give children access to supplementary arts and science education and community events. These sponsorships include the youth concerts at the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the science programs at the New England Wildlife Center, and the family programs at local YMCAs and Boys and Girls clubs. Arbella employees volunteer throughout the year at Cradles to Crayons, a local charity that provides infants and children who are homeless or living in low-income neighborhoods essential daily items such as shoes, clothing, bedding, books, and other school and home supplies. Employees sort through items donated by the community to create age and gender appropriate “kid packs” for children in need and also take part in the charity’s annual “Backpack-a-Thon,” filling thousands of backpacks with school supplies for children who would otherwise go without. “I’ve volunteered for two consecutive years at Cradles to Crayons,” said Stephen Yeh, service center account specialist at Arbella. “It was so heart-warming to see the many different people volunteering their time and having a positive impact directly to the community.

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