A representative told me most policies, including mine, are better than “basic.” Under my policy, exterior electric components attached to the house are covered. So if I needed a new meter base/service line conductor/weatherhead, my out-of-pocket cost would be $500 (my deductible). For that reason, before you sign up for exterior electric line coverage, you should call your own agent and find out if you’re already covered and how much your deductible is. Now, let’s get back to the issue of surge protection insurance and what happened in my neighborhood Sept. 26. I was at home that afternoon when a singular lightning bolt hit the ground nearby with a roaring boom that shook our whole house. The windows were open and a split second before it hit, I heard that hissing/sizzling sound that tells you it was a close one. Nothing at our place was damaged. But at least three neighbors across the street could not say the same.

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