Faces of Compassion

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Faces of Compassion
Author : Taigen Dan Leighton
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
Release Date : 01 May 2012
ISBN : 9781614290148
Pages : 352
File Size : 54,7 Mb
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Faces of Compassion by Taigen Dan Leighton Book PDF Summary

Formerly published as Bodhisattva archetypes: classic Buddhist guides to awakening and the modern expression.

Faces of Compassion
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Formerly published as Bodhisattva archetypes: classic Buddhist guides to awakening and the modern expression.

Faces of Compassion
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Faces of Compassion introduces us to enlightened beings, the bodhisattvas of Buddhist lore. They're not otherworldly gods with superhuman qualities but shining examples of our own highest potential. Archetypes of wisdom and compassion, the bodhisattvas of Buddhism are powerful and compelling images of awakening. Scholar and Zen teacher Taigen Dan

Faces of Compassion
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This book traces the history of the Bodhisattva ideal within the Buddhist tradition, while examining the classic figures identified with these teachings of compassionate wisdom.

Mindful Compassion
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Based on the latest work from Professor Paul Gilbert OBE, bestselling author of The Compassionate Mind, and Buddhist expert Choden. Professor Gilbert has spent the past twenty years developing a new therapy called Compassion-Focused Therapy (CFT) which has an gained international following. In recent years, mindfulness is being used increasingly

The Oxford Handbook of Compassion Science
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How do we define compassion? Is it an emotional state, a motivation, a dispositional trait, or a cultivated attitude? How does it compare to altruism and empathy? Chapters in this Handbook present critical scientific evidence about compassion in numerous conceptions. All of these approaches to thinking about compassion are valid

Tough Love
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Exposes how ex-gay and postabortion ministries operate on a shared system of thought and analyzes their social implications.

A staple of the culture wars, the struggle between Christian conservatives and progressives over sexuality and reproductive rights continues. Focusing on ex-gay ministries geared to helping same-sex attracted

The Compassion Connection
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Nerney guides the reader on a narrative journey through and toward compassion for our fellow human beings, emphasizing connectedness rather than perceived differences. Intended to impel action, this book will be a valuable resource for social activists, parish groups, and spiritual seekers looking for new ways to appreciate and deepen

Hidden Mercy
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The 1980s and 1990s, the height of the AIDS crisis in the United States, was decades ago now, and many of the stories from this time remain hidden: A Catholic nun from a small Midwestern town packs up her life to move to New York City, where she throws herself