Understanding the Koran

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Understanding the Koran
Author : Mateen Elass
Publisher : Zondervan
Release Date : 19 August 2009
ISBN : 9780310298601
Pages : 192
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Understanding the Koran by Mateen Elass Book PDF Summary

What You Should Know about Islam’s Holy Book How is it like the Bible? How is it different? Why is it important? Muslims believe the Koran exists as a literal book in heaven and was dictated to the prophet Muhammad by the angel Gabriel. It is only the length of the New Testament, yet a fifth of the world claims it is the complete revelation of God. To most Americans, though, the Koran remains a mystery. Did you know that the Koran teaches the virgin birth and miracle-filled, prophetic ministry of Jesus? Claims to fully embrace his teachings? Reveres Abraham, Moses, Jonah, and other biblical prophets? Find out how the Koran resembles the Bible—and the drastic ways in which it differs. Understanding the Koran gives you a fascinating essential grasp of Islam’s holy book: where it came from, what it teaches, how Muslims view it, and how the Allah of the Koran compares with the God of the Bible. Cherished as the final, perfect revelation of God’s will by 1.2 billion Muslims worldwide, the Koran has become a part of American life. Today, those who read and memorize it may work in your town, shop where you shop, or send their children to the same school your kids attend. What do you know about the holy book that shapes the lives and eternal destinies of your neighbors and a fifth of the world’s population? While some similarities exist between the Koran and the Bible, the differences are striking. Written by a pastor who was born to a Muslim father and raised in Saudi Arabia, Understanding the Koran gives you a fascinating, easy-to-understand overview that will show you: •Why the background behind the Koran is important •How the Koran came into existence •A summary of the main teachings of the Koran, including what it says about Jesus and the crucifixion •Similarities and differences between Muslim and Christian views of God •What the Koran teaches about Jihad and holy war •What the Koran teaches about heaven and hell More than furnishing you with an essential grasp of Islam’s holy book, Understanding the Koran points you to the one thing that can draw your Muslim friends to Jesus—his love, demonstrated to them through you. Discussion questions enable you to use this book in group studies

Understanding the Koran
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What You Should Know about Islam’s Holy Book How is it like the Bible? How is it different? Why is it important? Muslims believe the Koran exists as a literal book in heaven and was dictated to the prophet Muhammad by the angel Gabriel. It is only the length

The Origins of the Koran
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Scholars of Islam are familiar with the Koran's many errors and contradictions, but these have rarely been revealed to a wider public. THE ORIGINS OF THE KORAN is an attempt to remedy this deficiency by bringing together classic critical essays which raise key issues surrounding Islam's holy book. Indispensable to

The Koran in English
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The untold story of how the Arabic Qur'an became the English Koran For millions of Muslims, the Qur'an is sacred only in Arabic, the original Arabic in which it was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad in the seventh century. To many Arab and non-Arab believers alike, the book literally defies

The Koran
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Sacred scripture of Islam: Mohammed's revelations concerning the omniscience and majesty of God, death and judgment, the proper conduct of the faithful, previous prophets, kindness to orphans, more.

The Everything Koran Book
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"Recent events have caused tremendous interest in the Muslim religion, yet very few people understand its important tenets, as outlined in its holy book, the Koran. The Everything Koran Book, written by Duaa Anwar-an Egyptian Muslim raised in the United Arab Emirates-is your essential reference to understanding the principle teachings

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Koran written by famous author N. J. Dawood,Thomas Wyatt book pdf is ready to download and read online directly from your device. The book was released by Prentice Hall in 2003-05 with total hardcover pages 192. Koran N. J. Dawood,Thomas Wyatt book immediate popular and critical acclaim in Religion

The Koran  A Very Short Introduction
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The Koran has constituted a remarkably strong core of identity and continuity for a religious tradition that is now in its fifteenth century. This Very Short Introduction explores the significance of the Koran both in the modern world and in traditional Muslim culture. Michael Cook provides a lucid and direct

Secrets of the Koran
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Forget all those evening news sound bites or diplomatically correct half-truths about the Koran and the religion of Islam. If you want to know what the Koran is really about, you have to know what it really says. Don Richardson gives you a nitty-gritty inside look at the Koran, helping