I ask the board to call upon the state’s Insurance Commissioner to also investigate the actions of FEMA, just as it would a private insurance company. 8. As an interim measure, the resolution should call for re-establishing the do-it-yourself LOMA application process and extending the deadline for that process through 2011. There is sufficient evidence to suggest that the County may not have notified everyone who was newly placed in a flood zone. That should be looked into, as it denied them a shot at a do-it-yourself LOMA. More significantly, it took FEMA years to develop their flood map and they admit they still don’t have it right. Forcing property owners to disprove the most important part of it, and in only a few weeks, was unreasonable and forcing them to spend considerable money to do likewise is also unreasonable. I also call upon all property owners affected by this fraud to take action. When you made the deal to buy your property, probably the largest financial deal of your life, you made it based on the property information you were given, including the flood status determined by the County.

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