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“I don’t think Albertans will be satisfied. They deserve better.” If the association fails to rework the fee guide, Hoffman hinted she could use her power under the Health Professions Act to impose new regulations on dentists. As well, she noted there have been calls for the government to split up the association and college into two separate organizations. “There are a number of rather extreme measures that are available at my disposal,” she said. “I am examining those. But I expect the professionals of this association to do what Albertans expect, which is to make their lives more affordable.” The move to publish a new fee guide for the first time since 1997 was one of the outcomes of a government review released last year that confirmed suspicions about high prices in Alberta — including, in some cases, procedures that cost double what is charged in neighbouring provinces. Hoffman told reporters the newly recommended fees in the guide represent a three per cent reduction from average rates Alberta dentists currently charge for the most common procedures. “A three per cent reduction across the board doesn’t acknowledge there are some areas where fees are drastically out of line,” she said. Hoffman was the first to mention the three per cent figure. At a news conference earlier Thursday, association and college president Dr.

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